How Do We Live In End Times?

Reply to Yanis Varoufakis’ Reply to Chomsky, Fuentes & McPherson Debate on Abrupt Climate Change.

With all due respect to a fellow Greek, progressive and leftist, Mr. Yanis Varoufakis, whom I have consistently found as a voice of reason in a world where such voices are dwindling and/or being silenced, I must disagree (perhaps for the first time!) with his opinions in his full piece which is here.

Mr. Varoufakis writes, “As I was reading Miguel Fuentes’s and Guy McPherson’s rejoinders to Noam Chomsky, I was struck and concerned by their embrace of defeat. Sure enough, I understand their radical rejection of baseless optimism and of those who treat ecological disaster as a technical problem.”

“Even if it is too late, at least let’s go out with a revolutionary bang. Let the last feeling we have be that we did what we could, albeit belatedly. To accomplish this, we must inspire the multitudes to join our rebellion.  But to inspire them, we need to articulate a Program that addresses people’s hearts and minds. What should that Program consist of? This is the pressing question..”

“Let me begin with Noam’s position, which I understand intimately having myself been a proponent of a Green New Deal since 2001. A large public investment in humanity’s green transition (Noam suggested 2%-3% of global GDP, I raise this to at least 5%) can make a decisive dent in our collective carbon footprint. Public financial instruments can be constructed to mobilise these funds globally.”

Varoufakis takes issue with Fuentes and McPherson and concludes the following, “-it would be a terrible defeat for progressives to dismiss the capacity of science, technology, and public finance to be part of a Program that succeeds in saving humanity and the planet. Giving up on humanity and its collective ingenuity may be tempting in times like the present, when war is once more turbocharging the fossil fuel industry. Alas, such defeatism is impermissible for progressives. This, our darkest hour, is precisely the time when we, progressives, radicals and revolutionaries, must give back rational hope to those who have been deprived of it.”

The debate is linked below.

First of all, it is too late for “rational hope.” Hope being a lie at best and a false prophet at its worst. Rational? Those two words, rational and hope, are as antithetical to each other as oil to water. It’s like asking for a peaceful war, impossible. Chomsky’s suggestion for an economic tax to save the planet was rightly criticized by Fuentes, and for Varoufakis to double down on that disconnect with 5% GDP, as if that will increase our odds of avoiding a dead planet in the very near term, shows how little both of these brilliant men actually understand the crisis we are in.

Let’s be honestly rational. Without the lie of “hope.” To admit the patient is in stage four of an incurable cancer is not defeatist, nor irrational. Professor McPherson has been arguing against the idea of hope since he discovered the predicament of the Aerosol Masking Effect. I know this because I live with him and we work closely on helping people understand the danger of the situation and work towards acceptance. Telling a patient with an incurable disease to have hope is as good as offering thoughts and prayers to parents who lost a child in a school shooting. Allow me to give an analogy to our current situation with two scenarios based on the stage-four, cancer patient:

Scenario 1: I and many others have watched some of our sickened loved ones fail to admit they are dying or even going to die, and who instead of creating an environment of love, comfort, and honesty about their condition, they have waged war on their bodies with experimental treatments, refused to speak honestly with their children about their fears of death, and died miserable, agonizing deaths anyway taking their stories and secrets to their graves without proper closure. My own mother refused to discuss death even as she could barely speak on the phone to me.

In the second scenario, the opposite response comes from people who recognized and embraced, albeit reluctantly (no one wants to die), their imminent fate, and their rational response was to enter hospice care. They surrounded themselves with beauty, good friends, good food, open and honest conversations with their children about death and dying, and strove for quality time rather than quantity time and, of course, as much pain relief as they could bear without being unconscious. Their deaths were still tragic but not miserable and lonely. Stephen Jenkinson worked in hospice for decades and is a wonderful resource on the topic of death and dying with dignity.

The end outcome in both scenarios is death. The difference is in choosing how to die. To choose wisely between these two we need information. What is the nature of the disease? Is there a cure? If so, what are the chances of the cure actually working, and for how long? If there is no cure, how long does one usually survive with this disease? Could there be variations in survivability? What might extend one’s survivability?  Is it painful? Is it worth it? Who gets to decide? 

On being rational and honest: The current “Green” New Deal is not going to give us the second scenario of hospice, nor will it extend our lives or this beautiful planet’s life. First of all, this “deal” is neither green nor new. It’s just another corporate giveaway. Mining the Earth for its remaining bits of rare Earth minerals to create toxic batteries for a handful of billionaires to sell to us is a terrible idea. Proponents of nuclear and “green” hydrogen are equally deluded for similar reasons. There is no need for me to go into the myriad of statistics on the mining and shipping of Earth’s rare and dangerous ores and the gigatons of fossil fuel required to do so. It’s a zero-sum game. Not to mention the child slave labor used in many of these mining endeavors in other countries, but let’s mention it because child slave labor is antithetical to anything rational, humane, or decent.

Ruining other people’s lives and homes to run our electric cars is just shifting the load from one type of planetary robbery to another. We cannot keep pretending that incremental change is good. And to assume that embracing the fake green new deals dumped on us by corporate shills will somehow shift the people’s consciousness is self-delusion. We are out of time to wait for people to realize that they have been tricked by a psychotic system that robs and murders them and their only home, Earth.

Most importantly, no one is talking about the elephant in the room, the Aerosol Masking Effect (AME), which has wreaked havoc on the planet since the Covid lockdowns. If we stop industrial production we lose the AME and the planet cooks faster and extinction of all life happens very quickly. If we continue industrial production we die a little slower and maybe billionaires will see a windfall profit the next quarter. Tim Garrett, professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Utah writes in 2014 “Theoretical and numerical arguments suggest that when growth rates approach zero, civilization becomes fragile to such externalities as natural disasters, and the risk is for an accelerating collapse.”

However, maybe some clever engineer or evolutionary biologist might figure out how to replace the AME with mirrors and that buys us time, the time needed for a revolution of spirit and consciousness, and an evolution of our humanity. Despite the crickets we hear in regards to the AME, there are numerous articles on the AME that go back to 1929. The Aerosol Masking Effect is no laughing matter and even Professor James Hansen has papers on it in 2011 and 2017. I helped Professor Guy McPherson explain the AME for the layperson with this short video,

Had anyone with any real power been serious about the “Green New Deal,” the AME would have been the first crisis on the list to address. Without addressing the AME first, nothing else we do will matter. We all know what the “Green” New Deal really is, another giveawy to billionaires and more corporate socialism. We’ve been scammed again and got nothing to show for it. Had our corporate leaders of the world really been serious about saving the planet, they would not have created the political environment that has led to another war among the many continuing resource wars of convenience led by the US. The proxy war in Ukraine now gives rise to conjectures of nuclear winter if nukes are used and the very badly mistaken idea that a nuclear winter might be a good thing on a warming planet. This ludicrous and dangerous idea is all over social media and begs the question, did anyone take any science class in high school at all? Has the memory of Chernobyl-which is in Ukraine, Fukushima, and Three Mile Island been somehow washed from most people’s memories?

Cooling our planet with deadly ionizing radiation is like sticking your head in a gas oven to warm up on a winter day. Don’t do it. You’re gonna regret it.

Let’s go back to the stage four cancer scenarios. People in hospice have not given up, they are not defeatist, nor are they doomists. Their lives have reached a crossroad and the reality of it has not escaped them. The young man I knew who had a new wife, a new child, a budding career and an ALS diagnosis did not give up when he realized there was no cure. Instead he championed for a better quality of life for other sufferers of ALS. He championed for funding for research into a cure. In his final months he confessed that he felt more enlightened by his situation and even happy despite the tragic nature of the disease. Behind the scenes he had made a difference in people’s lives and raised awareness so that more funding went into research. When he died no one called him a failure for embracing the reality of his condition. He died a hero even though he never believed there would be a cure in time for him or perhaps anyone.

Our planet is dying. When the oceans go, we go. When there is not enough habitat to grow grains at scale, we go. Not if but when industrial civilization collapses abruptly, we then lose the AME, and then we lose habitat. There are nearly 70 self-reinforcing feedback loops that have already been triggered that lead to extinction of all life on Earth. We have been in the 6th, or 7th, or 8th Mass Extinction Event for a few decades. It’s not a good prognosis, dear patient. We might be able to buy us some time to become better people, smarter people, actually wise apes as we deign to call ourselves. However, if we keep blowing up each other, and focusing on only the economics of every planetary resource including our own ability to be creative, we will never get out of our own way long enough to wonder if something as simple and inexpensive as mirrors might have been the answer, or at least a stop gap to finding a long term solution to our diseased societal system and malfunctioning climate.

Right now, Dr. Ye Tao of is trying desperately to find funding for one of the most realistic, simple ideas to cool the planet quickly as civilization collapses. He doesn’t even need millions of dollars, but not a single billionaire has stepped up to the plate to offer a hand. Instead we hear billionaires’ monologues about buying Twitter, or shooting cars into space, or rockets to the Moon or Mars, and such nonsensical waste of planetary resources and human ingenuity when everything, every living thing is on the line on Earth. We should all be supporting this simple engineering idea. Most of us are not scientists or engineers, but that doesnt’ mean we can’t support them and champion their research to save the planet. We non-scientists can also be working towards creating a more just society, even if we only have a handful of years or months left. Right action is always right. Planetary hospice means housing the homeless, sharing food and palliative medicine equally, ending all the resource wars, giving all people a basic income, legalizing personal euthanasia, helping people prevent and/or terminate pregancies on demand with no exceptions, and many more palliative sources of care as we prepare to exit. Of course our leaders won’t do any of that. It would be admitting to decades of corruption, lies, failures, and self serving greed to now tell people they are about to go extinct along with the Dodo bird, dinosaurs, passenger pigeon, as well as seven or more species of humans before us. For the handful of us who do know, and still try to live with grace, decency and beauty, while supporting the research of a tiny handful of scientists and engineers who bravely tell the truth and search for answers, Planetary Hospice is how we live each day. We rationally gave up on the hope that politicians would solve this and embraced the truth that at the edge of extinction only love remains, if you choose it. Being alive and fully present in reality is truly one of the most non-defeatist acts a human can do. It is true freedom and as Mr. Varoufakis entreats us to achieve, “Even if it is too late, at least let’s go out with a revolutionary bang. Let the last feeling we have be that we did what we could, albeit belatedly. “

Fearful and Ignorant

July 1, 2020

2020 has brought an onslaught of conspiracy theories that many vulnerable to fearmongering and blind faith have embraced. Let’s agree that the governments of the world are all stupid and evil. We can take that at face value and agree that the USA is the stupidest and most evil of all. Ergo our #1 COVID death rate! And with that basic understanding we can assume that stupid and evil leaders will not make smart or wise choices for us. But we don’t have to be stupid or evil in response by making stupid choices either. Like leaping blindly down insane, conspiracy rabbit holes. From 5G will melt your brain, Covid-19 isn’t real, masks are stealing your oxygen, to ANTIFA is an organized, terrorist organization that wants all white people dead-ignore the fact that I’m ANTIFA, my kids are ANTIFA, my grandparents were ANTIFA and we are all white. Oh and let’s not forget the ultimate conspiracy theory that the BlackLivesMatter movement is also a terrorist group-because expressing outrage over centuries of murder and abuse means “terrorist”…

Does anyone EVER actually do ANY research anymore? Does anyone EVER actually TALK to people who are involved intimately in any of these “conspiracies” or “organizations”? Does anyone remember OCCAMS RAZOR ffs? Science? Talking to people who KNOW? Using your brain? Being silent and contemplative rather than ignorantly and blaringly, obtuse?

Nope. Nadda. I see people ignoring common sense, disbelieving their own eyes and ears, shunning science and thoughtful communication, and embracing the fear and the ignorance shared by the fearful and ignorant. So much ignorance. No wonder we’re going extinct. And taking everything else on this planet with us.

Photo credit Ana Schneider.

The Lies of Our Grandfathers

by Pauline P. Schneider October, 5, 2017

The year is 1969, the location is Ibadan, Nigeria. The civil war, Biafra, has been raging viciously, but has only just reached our area. I am 6 years old and it is the evening. My sister is sleeping, my father is not home yet, my mother is with me. We hear a fierce knocking at the front of the bungalow. The front door is a beautifully crafted glass door. Outside my mother and I can see many people gathered and torches. It is unusual. She cautiously opens the door and I am close behind her watching my young mother address a group of young men carrying torches, and one of them is in Juju garb, covered head to foot in long grass, a sacred one, or witch-doctor to white people. The men threaten my mother, they will burn our home down if she does not give them money. I see she is scared. My mother is a teacher of young children, the gentlest soul you ever met. She loves this country like her own. She has filled her drawers with slides of the people, loving photos of their joy, beauty, art and music. She is not afraid of the black Nigerian. She and my father have been gifted a ceremonial Nigerian dress, a rare honor. We have photos of them holding me in their honored Nigerian dress. She once confessed to me (in Texas of course) she would rather be in the Nigeria of the late 1950’s than anywhere on the planet. Right now, this night, I see my mother is scared of these men younger than her. I am outraged! Remember reader! I am only six years old! I can see things adults cannot! They say stupid things all the time. Like “do not play at that little boy’s village!” or that “magic is real and it can kill you.” I may be six years old, but I call bullshit.

“Stop scaring my mommy! You are bad men! Go away!”

My voice is firm albeit small and it takes them by surprise! They look at me! They look at her! I have not read the book yet at six, but “To Kill A Mockingbird” will have a scene in it that will remind me of this night.

My mother is horrified, “Pauline! Get back!” I glare at the men with my childlike wisdom. They are fools. They realize this. And they leave! I remember this night forever. It is my baptism into how to be a truth warrior. Sometimes it gets you killed, sometimes it doesn’t.

  • Present day


How anyone can live a day on planet Earth and not be aware of the sickness permeating nearly every human social unit, interactions, and nation agreements/disagreements, is beyond me. Like Trump smirking about the “calm before the storm.” In fact, there are numerous essays, posts, comments, treatises and “statements” across the internet and blogosphere expressing this very observation, that something is rotten on Planet Earth and someone must be responsible! The causes of that rottenness, and what must be done about it, however, eludes most people. Causes and solutions certainly elude those who subscribe to Western thinking philosophy which stems from a punitive, hierarchical tradition steeped in the blame game and has never been known in the past several centuries, or millennia, to solve the major issues of human suffering and tragedy. Bad water, hunger and war (all easily preventable) remain the main causes of death for children, our most innocent and vulnerable, across the Earth. Verily, I say unto thee, despite a century of the misogynistic, Freudian and Jungian psychoanalyses, there are more and more people struggling with mental and emotional dis-ease, and the number of suicides around the globe are only escalating exponentially. One might even propose that the pseudo “science” of psychoanalysis has been a massive failure promulgated upon the human species. Psychiatry has proven no more effective in curing depression or severe mental illness than allopathic measures have “cured” cancers.

The 19th century psychoanalyst promise of healing people’s mental and emotional dis-ease has been replaced with a slew of pharmacopeia-caused psychotic episodes, rising rates of suicide, and an epidemic of juvenile depression, cutting, suicide attempts, etc. And no one seems to have any idea how to stem it, nor even dares to point to the cause. Every morning we awaken to a new horror of the mental psyche, a mass shooting, a mass bombing, a mass destruction of our precious home, Earth. We are all walking zombies suffering PTSD, except that this trauma is not POST, it is constant and pervasive. People of all ages are suffering a mass induced depression of unimaginable proportions and no therapist is willing to tell them they are perfectly okay in feeling deeply sorrowful, deeply depressed, deeply disconnected. How else does one react to the constant and daily message of death in our culture?

Depression and sadness are a perfectly healthy and normal response to tragedy. Yet psychoanalysts continue to lie and prescribe happy pills to mask the pain, and to blame poor parenting (such an easy target in the Western culture) rather than commiserate with their fellow grieving humans on their couch and acknowledge that they are not crazy, sick or demented. However, there is something even worse than the happy pill pushers (who at least TRY to help, and study for years to TRY to help). There are the new agey-woo-woo-faux-native-american-wrap-you-in-golden-light pushers. These holier-than-thou moralists know exactly what the problem is, and that problem is you, more specifically, your shadow self, as described by that other misogynist, Jung. These moralists also know exactly how to fix you. Often it includes drums and incense. (Damn, I love drumming and incense. Why do they have to contaminate my drums and incense????)

These moralists like to blather on about the Shadow-Self and how wonderful the world would be if we got in touch with our inner Darth Vaders and taught him some manners. Training your shadow-self to behave, basically, is what you should do as a thoughtful human, otherwise your wild inner beast will take over and you will become a Hitler, or worse, a Donald Trump. This cautionary exhortation sounds reasonable, no one with any shred of empathy wants to end up a Hitler or a paper-towel-tossing-Trump. Segue to scene of flocks of mortified individuals signing up for hundreds-of-dollars-worth of courses on the Shadow-Self in the hope of defeating that inner bastard before he gets them. News Flash! If you ever cried over a lost pet, a sad scene in a movie, drone bombing of children, or the imminent death of your dying planet, you probably don’t have to be afraid of your shadow-self taking over your conscious self. However, you might still have to worry about snake oil salesmen/women telling you that you do. To which I implore you with the ancient Roman warning; Buyer Beware! Behind every snake oil salesperson lies their long Shadow-Self of greed. “You just haven’t looked at your shadow-self deeply enough! You have to NAME your shadow! Be one with it! So, Next week? Same time?” Boom boom da da boom.

Where does the idea of Shadow-Self come from? Carl Jung, the Christian indoctrinated son of a Protestant minister, borrowed the idea of the Shadow Self from Nietzsche, another malevolent misogynist with some great ideas about life and the world, just none about women or the Feminine. Jung was a student of that other esteemed misogynist, Freud, and based much of his ideology and opinions on what he learned at the knees of his master. Do you sense a pattern developing? Pattern, incidentally, comes from the old Latin patronus, or patron, and the Greek pater, meaning father, aaaand we’re back to Darth Vader, the Dark Father myth. These good ole boys, Nietzsche, Freud and Jung, were at the peak of entitled, white male patriarchy, steeped in their own uber-myth of inborn greatness, and haunted by the terror of powerful, self-actualized women. You know us. We tell you what we’re actually thinking… Egad! And what we are FEELING! OHMYFUCKINGGODDESS!!!!!NOOOOOO!!!!!

Jung’s description of Anima and Animus are examples of how he gets it so very, very wrong.(google it, you will laugh) It is no wonder that our culture is in a downward spiral when these men are at the foundation of the so-called personal healing and development “sciences.” Even Jung had difficulty self-analyzing using his own invented method.

Freud was also lost by his own “oral fixation” to cigarettes. Having his lower jaw removed due to mouth cancer, he managed to manufacture a way to continue smoking to his last breath. Rather than taking personal responsibility for his “oral fixation,” aka admitting to being addicted to nicotine, he blamed the Mother, like only a real misogynist could.

Gee, I wonder where in the world Freud, Jung and that whole gang of entitled white men could have come up with that idea; Woman/Mother is to blame. Hmmm. Let me think. Oh right. The Old Testament’s Abraham, one of the original misogynists and psychopaths to set forth six thousand years of a “philosophy” of living arrangements and a cosmology of a jealous, punitive and petty MALE Father raining down (dare I?) Malevolent Narcissistic hellfire on those who don’t bow down to Him. I will guess that most people who have heard the Noah story still think it was Yahweh who put the rainbow in the sky as a sign of His great love for his people. The story is stolen by the psychopath, Abraham from the Mesopotamian Gilgamesh mythology where the goddess of love, Ishtar, disobeys her Father and warns Noah in a dream to build the ark. Ishtar places the lovely rainbow in the sky after the flood to remind Noah and his family of <> great love for them. (Yeah. Screw that Yahweh character. A real prick)

When an entire planet’s history has been viciously coerced by such dis-eased perspectives, resulting in thought-leader after thought-leader perpetuating these myths of innate evil, original sin, and the rampant defamation and murder of the sacred Feminine, the sanitization of the Divine Feminine from our spiritual history and lexicon, how can we still be scratching our heads and wondering how we are at the brink (again) of not only nuclear annihilation, but extinction of our entire species due to cataclysmic climate change?

Yes, of course there is evil in this world. Fascists (and 9/11) have done a fine job of showing us that truth. Yes, of course there is sociopathy in this world, people will happily take your money and your votes and prescribe all manner of snake oil to fix whatever ails you. Oil barons are happily raping their Mother for the last drops of power despite nearly a century of climatic warnings.

To top this off we must now sit through the nonsense of Shadow-Self and wetiko (windigo in Ojibway, wintiko in Powhatan) moralists speaking of things they know nothing about and once again playing the blame game. It is one thing to understand the term wetiko from the Cree perspective, where it “refers to an evil person or spirit who terrorizes other creatures by means of terrible evil acts,” it is entirely a different thing to hear what wetiko means from a white man who calls it a mind virus that has infected every man, woman and child, likening it to Jung’s Shadow Self. These are two very different perspectives and interpretations.

Paul Levy: “Wetiko is a virulent, psychic pathogen that insinuates thought-forms into our mind which, when unconsciously en-acted, feed it, and ultimately kills its host (us). The origin of wetiko is the psyche, the collective unconsciousness. [Wetiko] sychronistically explicates itself through the medium of the outside world … it’s as if this virus that’s in the collective unconscious somehow extends itself and actually configures outer events so as to … express something that’s happening inside of us.”

How to combat this evil in us all that we don’t even know exists?

Paul Levy: “The only way to defeat wetiko is to find the place inside of yourself which is invulnerable to wetiko. If you fight it, you become it. How do you deal with a demon? Find its name. Once you name it, it loses its power. Imagine waking in the dream and putting together your dreaming power with other awakened individuals.”

Levy’s Jungian inspired interpretation has earned him a star on the walk of woo-woo self-help fame. What his interpretation fails to do is admit, like most entitled, white men, that he doesn’t like his dark thoughts and cannot imagine that not EVERYONE has them. Rest assured, those children starving in Africa, drowning on rafts from Syria, being bombed by US drones, or being raped by their parents are NOT experiencing wetiko from their deep subconscious as a virus, they are experiencing it from the true original native American meaning, an evil external force, and the name of that force is … (add scapegoat name here)

Let’s not play the blame game, let’s use our cognitive abilities to think this through.

Why do people fall back on the blame-game theories? They are comfortable, easy, no critical thinking has to be done. “Here is the problem, it’s all of YOU, you just need to pay me x amount and I’ll sort you out right away. If it doesn’t work, well, then YOU didn’t do the work right! You need to come back next week and we’ll sort it out again. And again. And again.”

How’s that working out humans? How are your scapegoats working? After six thousand years? Look at the films that are popular today, The Purge 1,2,3, & 4!!! A film about a 24 hour period where you can murder anyone legally? People WANT NEED someone ELSE, the OTHER to blame for their miserable lives. Even the most moralizing, new age gurus need to find someone else to blame, someone to carry their sin. It all goes back to the Mithra cult, Jesus cult, any cult, placing the blame on someone else’s shoulders rather than each of us accepting the role of adult and being responsible human animals. We did not choose to be infantilized, it was the result of a six thousand year old psychopathic cult that infantilized us, stripped our divinity and sacredness as children of Gaia, rendered us incapable of seeing anything but the“other” rather than “Oneness,” planted the nonsense of “original sin” in our lexicon, made the sacred Feminine a non-entity, and turned consensual sex into a bad thing unless it was within the bounds of religious (read CULT AUTHORIZED) matrimony; oh and hetero-normative. The Earth herself has been abused beyond imagination:

“Conservation is getting nowhere because it is incompatible with our Abrahamic concept of land. We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

– Aldo Leopold.

Of COURSE we are about to blow our planet up. Of COURSE we are burning every last fossil fuel and altering the climate for millions of years with irreversible repercussions. Of COURSE we normalize brutality and murder by allowing police and military to murder innocent people with impunity. Of COURSE everyone is miserable under these conditions. Of COURSE the nonsense of “shadow self” and “white man’s wetiko” are not going to fix these problems-they haven’t for nearly a century of trying!

The question is, what can fix these problems? What can replace the diseased myth of original sin, with Original Sacredness? How do we do that when we are caught in perpetual finger pointing? What might restore our oneness with nature that the Mbuti pygmies of the Congo experienced in Colin Turnbull’s “The Forest People”?

What if there is nothing that can restore us to our sacred origin?

What if we have completely lost our way away from Gaia, and I don’t mean that in a woo-woo, supernatural way. I mean that in the most realistic, DOWN TO EARTH, practical way I can. What if we cannot speak the language of our Mother anymore, the language that the birds and insects and non-human animals still seem to understand fluidly? Remember them? The evil, sin filled, soulless, wild beasts? That’s right, that’s according to the psychopath, Abraham. May I remind you he’s the psycho who heard voices telling him to murder his son to prove his love of his god. Got it?

Instead we humans lose ourselves in a language of circular nonsensical reasoning, in post-modernist blatherings, in down and dirty fights over semantics and meanings invented and re-invented over six thousand years of murder and madness. Our Human language declares us born in sin, cast in shadow, shaped in the form of a male god who was, according to the Old Testament, a real pos. We are a species that is fighting itself to death on a sinking ship, a ship that WE sank from our own failure to be adults and to take personal responsibility for not only ourselves, but for all the other living beings on this ship.

Could there have been another way? Can there be another way?

What if I told you, you are a sacred being who has forgotten her innate sacredness, has been lied to not only your entire life, but that your ancestors have passed down to you lies so entrenched that you embrace them each day as treasures and amulets against your own awakening reason? Yet those lies have murdered you, me, all of us.

What if all there is left is to grieve the death of our species, and those of others soon to follow our imminent demise? If that is the case, maybe we can do away with the woman-as-originator-of-sin BS before we go into the abyss? That would be a good start to actual healing, and a good way to go.

The Evil of Blind Faith, or The Madness of Abraham

This is the post excerpt.

February 23, 2017

There was once a sacred, unplowed garden inhabited by innocence. It’s childlike inhabitants were given all they needed to sustain them without toil or sweat as long as they remained in innocent ignorance. This was the promise of their temporarily benevolent creator. Stay dumb, my children, and you will be fed. 

Of course children grow up and start asking questions.  

Those questions were irksome to their creator so he kicked his kids out of his sacred, unplowed garden and told them they would forever now have to work the land to squeeze a drop of food from it. 

If he liked how they were behaving maybe he’d encourage the soil to produce. If not, they were S.O.L. 
And thus were laid the beginnings of what has come to be known in Christianity as the Protestant Ethic. Or, in more realistic terms, the eternal pandering to an asshole of a god through the mass production of goods and wealth. 
The madness of Abraham that drove him to nearly murder his son permeates the six thousand years old culture of the Abrahamic faith and its three divergent branches. The followers’ blind acceptance of the edicts of a jealous, vengeful, spite-filled, war-loving god has laid a direct path to planetary extinction. The late arrival of the grouchy god’s spoiled, long-haired, hippy son, preaching love and harmony, did little to avert the trajectory towards our doom. In fact, that thorny crowned, glutton for pain may have helped propel Earth’s current inhabitants not just toward the sixth mass extinction, but toward a total planetary death. 
When the various, and feisty, Christian cults sprouted up in the middle of an established and powerful, Pagan culture, an intellectual battle began for the hearts and minds of people. Civilization had already happened long before Abraham went crazy and the food had already been locked up. It was understood that if one wanted to eat, they had to serve someone or pay someone. These were the agreements/cages all people were born into if they lived in a civilized empire. There was little chance of moving up the totem pole without the use of sheer brute force. Christianity altered that. Now a person could become as nearly as great as god and greater than a king simply by accepting Jesus as their savior. This life of suffering was temporary because a wealth of joy awaited them after death where they could cavort with god forever. Such nonsensically blind faith in the afterlife served the pagan rulers hampered by the rowdy and often violent Christian cultists. A particularly ludicrous and seemingly passive sect of the cult was embraced by the PTB and all the other cults violently banned. Unfortunately madness can be contagious, and the cult spread like wildfire even to the pagan rulers. A once educated, wise and scientifically curious populace was overrun by hysterical religious fanatics who burned the library of Alexandria. A treasure trove of knowledge and literature was lost forever in the name of crazy Abraham’s god.  
For two thousand years that madness has gone unchecked causing famines, wars, even pestilence across the planet. While at first these atrocities were committed openly in the name of Abraham’s god, in recent centuries, with the advent of the Age of Reason, those atrocities were committed in the name of progress. 

 However, beneath all the gilding and noble pretense, the ultimate goal remained; proving their faith and trust in god as a provider. They have plundered the Earth’s resources, exploited millions of humans and non-humans, and created (and squandered) untold wealth from the planet’s lifeblood. Every manmade environmental horror occurring today can be traced to the madness of Abraham and his progeny and the resulting Protestant Ethic. 
We remain ignorant of this connection we have to our own imminent demise and so many of us plunge headlong into our extinction thoughtlessly still trying to produce wealth. Tragically it would seem our fate was predestined aeons ago when we stepped out of our sacred garden of innocent bliss and into the white hot madness of fear of parental abandonment and climbed into the combine.  

A poet lamented once that, somehow, we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.  

Sadly, that garden has been plowed under and its birds killed in the name of god and all that is holy.
The Eagles. “Last Resort”

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